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Author Topic: [FAQ] I'm having issues registering an account. What can I do?  (Read 18133 times)
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« on: December 25, 2012, 09:17:07 PM »

It has come to our attention that many prospective new members are having difficulties registering a new account. First off, we would like to point out that becoming a member of our forum is free. We have never required newly registering members to pay for their accounts, nor will we ever. This is a free forum. However, we do offer VIP Membership to those willing to make a small contribution to the site. With a VIP Membership, you unlock all hidden sections that are either accessible by viewing members, or exclusively for VIP Members.

1.) Use of a VPN or Proxies - This is likely the cause of the majority of registration issues. VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and Proxies are used by many to secure anonymity. Though Anarchy Nation is a huge proponent of anonymity, many of these services also are used for spamming. They are likely large networks where thousands of people use their terminals. It only takes one that is blacklisted by our site for spamming. As a repercussion, all of those who try to use the networks responsibly find that registration is blocked.

2.) Use of Public Terminals - As explained above, any kind of public terminal is subject to having just one individual or posting bot to have the entire IP address blacklisted. Public access in shops like internet cafes, Starbucks, etc. are subject to the same kind of anonymous spamming that can result in blacklisting. It only takes one to muddy a terminal.

3.) Blacklisting of Hostnames - Though rare, some hostnames are blacklisted due to excess amount of spamming from multiple IP addresses from the same source. Most of these blacklisted are hosts outside the U.S., and originate from countries like China, Nigeria, Russia, etc.

4.) Multiple Accounts from One Source - Though we don't necessarily mind a user having more than one account, the creation of numerous accounts for the purpose of posting similar topics and replies is prohibited.

Even if you are subject to the blacklisting explained above, you can still become a member. You can do so by contacting staff with the link below. Be sure to provide the following:

1.) A valid email address - If the email doesn't work, we can't contact you with your account details. Temporary email providers that delete the accounts after a couple hours or days cannot be used.

2.) Your Username Choice - Obviously, it must be a username that is not currently held by another member. Remember that usernames are case sensitive. If you ask for the username "myusername" but really wanted "MyUserName", we will setup only what you give us. Only VIP Members are given the privilege to change their usernames.

3.) No Password Needed - There is no need to provide a password. When we create accounts for those who can't on their own, we setup a temporary password at the time.

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