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Author Topic: Explanation of May 30 - Jun 1 2014 downtime and rebuild  (Read 88294 times)
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« on: June 08, 2014, 02:44:33 AM »

As many of you may have noticed, Anarchy Nation was completely down for a good two days or so at the end of May to early June 2014. No need to freak out, we weren't shut down in any way. Instead, it was just hardware issues we encountered with our dedicated server that almost wiped out the entire site, as well as all of the other websites hosted on the server.

The good news is that no posts were lost during the downtime. When the server went down, our database was intact up to that point in time. Luckily all of the site files and databases were intact. The bad news is that the site was offline for almost 2 days during the fix, there are still some small bugs we need to work out, and our only affiliate image hosting site ( is still being rebuilt by the owner who is a moderator here on the site. Since is being rebuild, our "Upload Images" feature when posting will not work properly. Give it time!

Here was the series of events leading up to present day:

  • On the server admin end, our daily backups of the site caused an error in our control panel that could not be recified.
  • We contacted our host provider about the issue to find out that one of the redundant hard drives on our server had physically crapped out.
  • We were instructed to backup all vital files from our server to a local drive for safety, and contact them to physically replace the failed drive.
  • All of the files were backed up, the hard drive was replaced, and we rebuilt the software RAID for the server.
  • At this point, the server was still unresponsive due to an error created during the hard drive meltdown.
  • We had to re-image the entire server, and upload the backup files for each individual website as well as repopulate the databases.
  • This took time... roughly 4 hours uploading about 49,700 individual files back to our server.
  • There were some file and folder permissions that still threw errors that needed to be addressed (some still being addressed).
  • So here we are now! The site is back up and running with little to no errors (knocks on wood) to address.

What we are still working on:
  • is a site that is hosted on our server. It is currently being rebuild by the owner who is a moderator here on AN. All of the files are intact, but links to them are currently broken in many cases.
  • is also used for our "Upload Images" feature when members are posting, and is currently offline until the site is rebuit.
  • I am told that is coming back with a whole new interface. However, it requires a higher version of Apache PHP.
  • We are currently working on updating the server's PHP version that may set off some errors on both the client and user side.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there will be momentary (a couple minutes to an hour) downtime on AN during these changes. There are also chances of errors that may as well take the site and server down during some of these transitions. Fear not AN members and guests, we are making sure that all information is backed up in the case that this actually happens. This website is near and dear to us, and there is no hickup in programming and integrity of the system that will stop us from bringing it all back to normal for all!
Anarchy Nation - A forum for the twisted!

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