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    Thanks for being a part of Anarchy Nation! We are a close-net community of members and guests that have a love for content not usually endorsed by the general public even though all that we stand for is Free Speech. However, we need to pay for the hosting costs in order to keep this forum alive! Contributions and minimal advertising on our site pay for the server upkeep and bandwidth costs. We appreciate every contribution, and value the contributors's privacy amongst all.

    Contact us after completing your VIP purchase with your username and order/transaction number! With some of our payment processing services, you may already have given your information. Unless you used the same email address as your user account, we won't know what member contributed for VIP unless they email or private message us! The sooner you contact us, the faster we can add VIP privileges to your account!

    Please understand that each and every contribution must be checked and verified manually by the administrators before changing a member's permissions. We must check that each transaction is valid, and also make sure those obtaining more permissions are not fraudulent or problematic. Contributions from skeptical sources will be returned, and a note will be made. If you have contributed, and it has taken longer than a day to obtain the new status, please private message me (Anarchology).

    If you are already registered, make sure you use use the email address you added to create your account on Anarchy Nation on the form to purchase a VIP Membership. Please be sure to add your the username and email address associated with your account into the Write a note to the seller section before processing. This will help us quickly give you your VIP privileges!


Do not use any kind of IP masking service when purchasing through Shopify! Doing so will likely have your purchase flagged as fraudulent, the order will be cancelled, and you certainly won't get VIP Membership status. Using IP masking when browsing the Anarchy Nation forums is okay, just don't use it when buying VIP. If you want more anonymity when purchasing, pay with Bitcoin instead!

Updated: September 29, 2015
    Content such as images and videos posted by members are NOT hosted on Anarchy Nation servers. They are hotlinks where the images are hosted elsewhere, and the links point to these these third party sites. None of these sites are affiliated with Anarchy Nation. Do not submit DMCA requests to the owners of this site. Instead follow the links, and request the files themselves be removed from the file hosting site's servers. Learn more about our DMCA Policy by clicking here.

    Anarchy Nation takes no responsibility for what any user encounters when following a link outside this website. This includes (but not limited to) advertisements, pop-ups, embedded adware/malware, suggestion of paid subsriptions, etc. We highly encourage users to have proper firewall, anti-virus and malicious script-blocking software installed on their platforms. It is better to be safe than sorry!