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Title: RULES: Posting Tutorials and Asking Questions
Post by: Anarchology on November 04, 2011, 04:14:47 AM
This section is for compilations of computer programming tutorials and guides. There are a set of rules regarding the posting tutorials in new threads as well as properly formulating questions regarding the given topics. Please follow these rules in order to keep the topic orderly, properly accredited, and questions regarding topics relevant to the postings.


- If you are the author of the content within your posted topic, please say so. Otherwise, if the content is not your own, post links to the author of the content. Give credit where credit is due.

- NO PAY-PER-CLICK links to content or downloads if you are not the author. You must clear these kinds of links with the Administrator, Anarchology, if you are the author of the content.

- Download links and/or pay-per-click links by anyone other than the proven author may result in a ban from administrators. See the above perimeter.


- Post your questions and requests in the relevant section! This optimizes the chances of your questions to be answered by others.

- If you post tutorials, be sure they are in the proper sections. Unrelated posts are subject to being moved by the moderators, or removal if completely unrelated to any of sections available.

- Please understand that many of the post may just be reciprocal links to the source content. Asking questions regarding a certain post might go unanswered. You may find that following the links posted in the tutorial to better accommodate your needs. If provided, follow the links to the original sources for more information.


- Flaming is not permitted within this section, and is subject to banning if it persists.

- Be courteous and thankful of the posts in your responses. Follow the reciprocal links to contents related within the posts. 

- Constructive criticism of posts are welcome as long as the member replying has some incite regarding the content within the tutorial. This is where members are allowed to post alternative means that could be used to construct a more well-formed code.

Overall, the authors of the tutorial content, whether it be text, audio, or video references, shall be honored for their time and effort. Direct links to their content and websites should be honored. Please give them the respect they deserve!