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Title: Visit web page and login
Post by: Sandsnip3r on January 21, 2012, 12:57:28 AM
So the language I know best is C++, I've completed 1 class on it in college, and in a second now. We just started classes in my current course. We covered just extreme basics in the class I completed (Declarations, assignment stmts, Libraries and Library functions, Formatting output, Input, if statement, while statement, for statement, nested loops, Value-returning functions, Void functions, Scope of identifiers, Strings, Filestreams for I/O, Arrays, Searching and Sorting Arrays, Records, and Arrays of Records)

So what I'm getting at, and what I need help with, I dont even know if this is a language that I can go about coding this in. Anyways there is a website, after 3 failed login attempts(correct id, incorrect pass), the account is blocked for 1 hour. I need to permanently block this account, yeah, I can run the program 24/7 on my computer. Simplest way is to run the 3 login attempts, then recognize that the account is blocked, then initiate a timer for 59 minutes, and then try to log in until a new block is placed. I really dont even know how to go about doing it, any help would be greatly appreciated. (The account needing to be blocked has been stolen from me and has financial value to it.)

I honestly dont think i know NEARLY enough to be able to do this, but I need to do it somehow, and I have no idea how...