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Author Topic: ***Rules and Disclaimer for this Section***  (Read 5078 times)
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« on: August 03, 2009, 03:57:23 AM »

This new section is specifically for members to post their own stories of deceptive websites and sales on the internet. The threads included in this section along with the rest of the site do not reflect the positions and opinions of the owners and moderators of this site. If you are the owner or subsidiary of a website or company members are talking about, defend your position. If you are crying about a certain thread in this section talking about your potentially deceptive scam of a site, message or email me... the Admin.

This site isn't for alternatives to the sites or programs being discussed. We don't care about your "try this instead" bullshit here. You will be banned.

If you are skeptical of a certain link you feel the need to post in a thread relevant to your post, put it in CODE. Look at the options above when posting, and find the #. You must wrap those links in code. It also helps our site by not allowing a trackback link.

This is a flame free section directed at giving and receiving phone information. There is to be no ripping on other members for their choice in phone or service. Posts that are solely directed at making fun of other members, their phones, or service providers will be deleted. Repeated flaming in this sense will usually result in a timeout ban.

Posting outside links is definitely allowed, but be sure that the source is accurate regarding the information provided within it. If you have or have not used the information provided within your link, please say so. This will help others to gauge the validity of the information you provide. This also goes along with the first rule. We don't mind if you post links and quotes to your own blog/website regarding your post, but there are to be NO PAY SERVICES! Excessive advertising or sign-up to view linked information is prohibited and falls under the first rule.

I'm adding this because in previous threads, many new members and guests managed to ask for alternatives. No, no one on this forum wants to give you an alternative. Use your brain instead. If you post your email address asking for or saying you have an alternative you will be BANNED.

If you are posting up your own experience, please include the most details as you can. Unless found by public means, try not to post any personal information regarding the company you are reporting or yourself. Public information would consist of information you can gather from using search engines and/or Whois regarding a website or business.

The owners and administrators of are in no way responsible for possible misinformation or malicious information or posts within this section regarding potentially deceptive websites. We warn all viewers to view any website or business entailed within this section with cautionary skepticism. Do not click on any links you do not trust. Please read the full posts before replying, and/or clicking on any outside links provided. If you come across a SPAM post, please use the "Report to Moderator" link at the bottom right of that post. We will remove it as soon as humanly possible.
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