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Author Topic: Rules and Purpose of this Main Board, and all fo the Sub Boards Above  (Read 10915 times)
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« on: November 30, 2012, 06:08:32 PM »

First and foremost, welcome to the Anarchy Nation Marketplace. We have been planning on setting up a portion of the forum to advertise products and services specifically important to the demographic that frequents the website. We have grown from a tiny forum of only 1000 hits in a total day to one that generates over 150,000 hits each and every day. This amounts to almost 5 million hits a month.

With the huge increase in traffic causes two things: (1) increased cost in server hosting, and (2) the ability to reach far more people. Though we already have some ads on the site visible to Guests and Regular Members, we don't plan on adding anymore annoyances like this. Instead, we decided to create the Marketplace where both Guests and Members alike could view products and services that are relevant to their interests only if they wanted to. This is why we have created the AN Marketplace!

But it gets better, especially for you members:
We are setting up a system to allow registered members the ability to post in the sub-sections in AN Marketplace. Members would be allowed to use the same link affiliation programs that Anarchy Nation uses. They will be able to setup posts of their own of affiliated products, and make money just for posting. Better yet, even if a member either has a low volume website of their own, or none at all could post their affiliate links here. It would be easy money!

The only thing that we ask is that members posting first become referrals from the services that AN Marketplace uses. It doesn't even cut into member's profits, but rather takes from the affiliate's share. These members are more than welcome to use the services elsewhere, or have other accounts with those affiliate services. The only thing needed is when allowed to post in the AN Marketplace that they do it with an account referred to by AN Marketplace. More details will come soon.

Rules and Restrictions on this Main Board:
  • New topics will only be created by either Admin Anarchology or Lifetime VIP Plus Members!
  • The Main Board is the only place where members are allowed to post only replies to topics, except for this one as it is locked. This includes all members whether they are Regular Members, VIP Members or Moderators.
  • Comments must be related to the given topic, or they will be promptly removed. Most of the topics in this section will be in the form of questions and/or polls. Members are welcome to answer the questions accordingly. Additional questions within replies are welcome just as long as they are related to that given topic.
  • There are to be no affiliate links posted by members in replies to questions. They will be removed. Repeated offenses will result in restrictive actions against the member. We need to keep this board as clean as possible.

Rules and Restrictions on all Sub-Boards (i.e. General Electronics, Spy Gear, Gaming and Multimedia, etc.):
  • In order to post in the Sub-Boards of AN Marketplace, the member must be a Lifetime VIP Plus Member, which is the highest membership short of staff privileges.
  • For those that are Lifetime VIP Plus Members, there will be a template for posting provided in order to optimize visibility and usage. Any post by an approved member must include proper parsing of the BBcode for ease of viability, proper title of the product, image (if available) of the product or service, a detailed description of the service, and any further forms of media like YouTube product reviews to attract notice of the post. With more information and visual parsing of the posts brings a larger possibility that they are seen!
  • Stick on topic! The only outgoing links to be posted by approved members are those within links with the only exception being linked images and videos. There are not to be any outgoing links to other non-related sources. Don't post links to your sites and blogs is what we are getting at!
  • Replies to posts in Sub-Boards is restricted. What this means is that no other member will be able to respond to the a submitted topic. There are no replies at all. This curbs the ability of some to bump up their own posts as well as cuts down on criticism.
  • Lifetime VIP Plus Members are more than welcome to include their own referral link in their posts just as long as they follow all of the rules above. The way to include that member's referral link will be within the template  provided.

This should be fun for all! We at Anarchy Nation hope that our members who post to gain royalties for their links would find this new venture of affiliate linking much different than those cumbersome postings of annoying image and file sharing sites. This new approach takes out all of the hated ad linking sites, and gives those who click a direct connection to the product or service they like.
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