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Author Topic: [FAQ] Are there any other Non-Nude or 18+ Hidden Sections?  (Read 6341 times)
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« on: December 26, 2012, 07:04:04 PM »

Many people new to the site tend to think that there is some kind of hidden section where you can find more risky content than what is seen in the Non-Nude (Jailbait) Section. There isn't such a section. The Non-Nude (Jailbait) Section you see as a guest is the same and only one members, VIP Members and Staff Members can see. It is important to add that, yes, VIP Membership unlocks quite a few hidden sections as well as allows even those new to the site to circumvent the post requirements to view sections available to posting members.

However, there is the 18+ Downloads Section, which is only visible to members who have contributed quality posts or is VIP. The only reason why we have restricted that section to those kinds of members is to curb the lurker mentality of many of the guests, and compel them to add to other very interesting sections on the site.
Anarchy Nation - A forum for the twisted!

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