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Author Topic: [FAQ] Why can't I post in certain boards?  (Read 4699 times)
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« on: December 28, 2012, 09:26:45 PM »

Due to the increase of new members only joining Anarchy Nation for the sole purpose of posting to sections like this one, we are implementing new restrictions. No longer can new members be able to post in selected NSFW (not safe for work) boards after registration without contributing elsewhere on the form with new topics and replies that are related to that given topic or boards. We have now set a post count requirement in certain boards for new members before they can either reply or post new topics. Becoming a VIP Member will circumvent these new restrictions.

What prompted these restrictions?
Many new members only join to post in boards where you see these topic posted. They are readily reported for either posting spam links, and/or breaking many of the rules. For that, staff members need to focus their moderation on these newbie posters by giving warnings, and removing content that breaks the rules. More so, veteran members have complained that quality posts have been muddied by the large amount of repetitive posts usually submitted by new members.

Why is this related to Anarchy Nation Forums overall?
In short, we are not a forum solely for the purpose of NSFW content, yet has been treated like one. This is not a Jailbait forum, nor is it a forum for nude photos of celebrities or porn stars. The forum’s main purpose was to offer guests and members the ability to view legal topics and content that stretches the boundaries of what is known as controversial. The NSFW boards are certainly a part of the scope of the site, but not the cornerstone of it. For these reasons, restrictions will be put in place.

I’m new to the site, but want to post here. What do I need to do?
You have two options: (1) Contribute by posting in the other boards, or become a VIP Member to post in this board. By contribution, we mean that a member must either create new topics with content other members would be interested in viewing, or post relevant replies to other posts. All we ask is that a new member should be able to add something to the AN Forum!

Where and how should I post?
You can contribute by posting new topics and replies to existing topics in any of the available sections on the forum. DO NOT post short and repetitive replies to other topics just to gain access! When the staff sees this, we delete the posts, and roll back the post count. The needed post count isn't really that high. Please just contribute to the conversations on the site, and you should be good.

I don't want to have to post. Any other options?
If a new member did not want to go through the process of conversing on other boards to gain access in just a couple, there is the VIP Membership option. VIP Membership circumvents all post count limits on all boards. VIP Members are granted access to posting on any board regardless of post count, given access to all hidden boards, and have other notable perks like seeing no advertisements. Yes, all ads you see on the site disappear for VIP Members when logged in!

What is the limited post count to post here?
The number of posts by a new member to actively post in this board fluctuates. There is no solid number of posts, since having such would make members push to gain access. However, we can state that the number is not difficult to obtain. Once the post count is obtained, no member abiding by the rules shall be pulled back to the place of not being able to post.

I’m a veteran poster, how does this affect me?
If you submit quality posts that all the other members enjoy, you have nothing to worry about. However, the staff is currently tallying up non-VIP members who post frequently, but have a horrible respect rating. Respect ratings that are accumulated by the LIKE and HATE buttons for every post speak volumes of each poster. Those with negative ratings are usually those who post annoying ad links to various images before a guest or member can view, and/or link to content that is sub-par. We will be dealing with these posters soon!

But that's not it! If you want to unlock every hidden section on Anarchy Nation, become a VIP Member for just $10/year. There are many other perks you get for becoming VIP including removal of all these pesky ads! For more details, click below...

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