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Author Topic: TUTORIAL: How to use Twitter and TwitterFeed to boost your post views! @anpixorg  (Read 3085 times)
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« on: August 19, 2013, 06:36:35 PM »

This tutorial was created by the moderator, Tainted Pix. All of the information provided can help any member boost the visibility of their posts. If you are a VIP Member, you can ask the Admin (me) or moderator Tainted Pix to set it all up for you.

Below is a step by step tutorial on how you can boost visibility of every single post you make on the forum by using Twitter, and their RSS feed posting service named Twitterfeed. Once you finish the process below, you just let Twitter Feed bring traffic to your posts. It does its own thing, so you don’t have to!

Before starting, think up a Twitter hashtag that would be unique to you. You would put it in the SUBJECT of any new post you make, which will trigger the links to your content being Tweeted! For example, I use the hashtag “#anpix” added to my titles. When Twitter Feed sees this, it tweets links to those posts automatically. You would make up your own!

STEP 1 – Email Address Needed
Create a new email address or just log into one you want to use with these services. You must have a real email address when setting up these since both require you to activate your accounts prior to use. I would suggest setting up a Yahoo or Gmail account just for this, and be sure to have it open in another tab so you can quickly click on the confirm links!

STEP 2 – Setup Twitter Account
 Go to: Create a new Twitter account just for your posts. Trust me when I say it’s better to have this separate from any of your other active Twitter accounts. Go through all of the steps in setting up preferences, background pictures, etc. What is important is that you then jump over to your email address to find the email from Twitter to activate your account.

STEP 3 – Setup Twitter Feed Account
Go to: Create a new Twitter Feed account by clicking on Register and then inputting your email and desired password. If a message pops up that you need to verify your email, check your email for the verification email.

STEP 4 – Click to create new feed
Be logged into Twitter Feed and click on “Create New Feed”. Note that all of the next steps are very important! Be sure to follow the instructions as given!

STEP 5 – Regular settings
You have two fields to fill under the regular settings: (1) Feed name and (2) the Feed RSS link. The name can be whatever you want it to be. Step 6 explains how to get the Feed link.

The RSS feed links are located on AN’s board immediately following the name of the section. The RSS Feed is represented by the orange box. I've added links to popular sections at the bottom of the tutorial.

NOTE: You will need to repeat the process of creating feeds for each forum section you post in that you want Tweeted!

STEP 7 – Advanced settings
In order for the feed to properly work, you must setup all of the settings as shown in the image below. The very last field for filters MUST include your unique hashtag. If you don’t put it in there, ALL new posts from that given section will be posted on the Twitter feed. Once completed, click on “Continue to Step 2”.

STEP 8 – Add Twitter Account
This is why it’s important to already have the Twitter account created, and currently signed in making the process a whole lot easier for you. Click to add Twitter to the services, then Authenticate button to allow Twitter Feed to post, and finally Create Service. DONE!

However as noted above, you will need to repeat the process of creating feeds for each section on the forum you post in if you want your posts to be Tweeted. To help you guys out, I’ve compiled some of the RSS Feeds for each of the popular boards...

Social Section;board=3;type=rss

Pictures and Videos Section;board=4;type=rss

Politics, Religion and Philosphy;board=5;type=rss

Automotive Section;board=51;type=rss

Outrageous Local/Global News;board=12;type=rss

Non-Nude Teens (Jailbait);board=44;type=rss


18+ Pictures and Videos;board=6;type=rss

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