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Author Topic: IMPORTANT: Rules for Discussion, overall suggestions, and warnings!  (Read 2325 times)
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« on: December 26, 2013, 07:40:02 PM »

Anarchy Nation has planned on reaching out to the Bitcoin enthusiasts for quite some time now. We have been working on implementing ways for members who use Bitcoin to not only have a more anonymous way of purchasing VIP Status, but also offer means to which they could acquire Bitcoins in the form of tips by other members.

Though the concept of Bitcoin has been around for many years now, many individuals have no real understanding on how to acquire, save and spend them. For any Bitcoin novice, the entire process even to get to the point of creating a Bitcoin Wallet can be overbearing. We understand this because even our site is new to the digital currency.

As much as we can say we could try to explain the workings of Bitcoin in full, it is still somewhat hard to grasp. We do ask that anyone who is not familiar with Bitcoins take the time to review explanations from as well as third party sites, discussion forums and reputable blogs.

With that being said, we have a couple of rules specifically related to this section in order to weed out the opportunists from the genuinely curious. The rules are as follows:

No buying, selling or trading in this Section:
This section is purely regarding the discussion of Bitcoins. This also goes for the rest of the site except for the a section that will be added within the Anarchy Nation Marketplace where those with access could conduct transactions in Bitcoins (coming soon).

No referral links to exchanges:
We understand that the overall concept of Bitcoin is hard to grasp for those who have never used it. We also know that Bitcoin Exchanges have not only been shut down, but also have been hacked leaving all of those using the services with nothing. We would suggest that NO ONE using Bitcoins use the many different websites setup to create and store Bitcoin Wallets for them. Though it does take some time (in some cases many hours) to create a Bitcoin Wallet on your own computer, you have full control of it rather than giving that privilege over to a random website.

NEVER publicly post your Bitcoin Wallet credentials:
This is specifically for those who are new to Bitcoin. When you create a Bitcoin Wallet, you will have access to private and public keys for that wallet. Public keys, or your Bitcoin address, are what others using Bitcoin would use send you Bitcoins, or to request Bitcoins. Private keys associated with a Bitcoin Wallet give anyone the ability to access your wallet, and take everything in it. This is why you keep them private. If you are defrauded, there is no place to go in order to find justice, and there aren't any trails to follow. If you screw up by giving access to your wallet, you will likely lose everything, and there will be nothing you can do about it.

Please post questions regarding the use and implantation of Bitcoin:
Please feel free to propose questions regarding Bitcoin, and other alternatives, here in this sections. There are no stupid questions, and every inquiry should be treated with respect.  
Anarchy Nation - A forum for the twisted!

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