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Author Topic: YOU MUST BE A VIP MEMBER TO VIEW THIS SECTION  (Read 253874 times)
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« on: June 10, 2014, 04:55:03 PM »

As a guest or regular member, you do not have access to this section. In order to gain access, you must first contribution to become a VIP Member. It only takes a couple minutes to go through the process, and the Admins will grant you access to the entire forum within 12 to 24 hours. There are over 15,000 hidden topics only available to VIP Members across numerous topics. Become a VIP Member today, and see what you've been missing!

ONE YEAR for $10
TWO YEARS for $18
LIFETIME for $30

- * NO ADS AT ALL (you will never have to view advertisements on this site so long as you are logged in)
- The group title "VIP Member" under your title
- Override current post count requirements that keep you from viewing certain sections
- Custom orange lettering showing you when online
- The choice to be "hidden"
- The choice to change your viewable online name
- Access to VIP Member discussion section
- Access to trashed posts and reports (you can see all removed posts)
- Unlimited private messages
- Immediate access to all hidden sections
- Attachments can be posted in various sections
- Access to the controversial Rogue Science Archives not seen by regular members (many in the works... at least another 1000 topics)

- Lifetime VIP Membership including all of the perks above
- Ability to post in the Anarchy Nation Marketplace sections
- Make easy money by posting on our forum by using our 4.5 MILLION hits a month
- Access to tutorials, web sources and templates to make posting easier
- Advertise your own Referral Links here on the site

This is very important. VIP status is NOT added automatically. Administrators view the transactions before granting VIP access. We do this manually, so the process usually takes no longer than 24 hours. The best way to expedite your VIP Membership is to contact me (Anarchology) via a Private Message. You must be logged in to do so. The other option is to contact us via email, which can be done by using our Contact Us form. Please include the following information for the following means of contacting us...

By Private Message:
- Include the transaction number in your message.
- Include the type of contribution used to send funds (i.e. Google Wallet, Stripe, Bitcoin)
- Send the Private Message from the username you want VIP added to.

By Contact Us form:
- Input the username you want VIP added to in "Your Name (or username)" portion of the form.
- Input a subject title like "I paid for VIP"
- Be sure that the email address you use in the form is correct. Otherwise, we have no ways of responding.
- Include the transaction number in your message.
- Include the type of contribution used to send funds (i.e. Google Wallet, Stripe, Bitcoin)

We have it specifically setup so that yearly memberships DO NOT automatically charge you when they expire. When your membership expires, your account is switched back to being a regular member, and we send your account a Private Message about the expiration. There is no need to worry as all of your previous posts are not deleted. Everything you've posted will remain there. However, any of your posts made in VIP-only sections will not be accessible to you. You can choose at any time to contribute again to regain VIP status.

* To clarify the first perk for every VIP Member regarding seeing ads, this ONLY applies to types of ads you see on It does not stretch to any linked-to website. You will not see any banner ads, pop-ups or pop-unders on just so as long as you are logged in as a VIP Member. However, if you follow a link posted by a member, we obviously cannot control any kind of advertising you encounter. Anarchy Nation does not host any videos, pictures or files on our servers. Keep in mind that member posts linked or hotlinked to such content should be subject to scrutiny, and have absolutely no connection to this site.

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    Content such as images and videos posted by members are NOT hosted on Anarchy Nation servers. They are hotlinks where the images are hosted elsewhere, and the links point to these these third party sites. None of these sites are affiliated with Anarchy Nation. Do not submit DMCA requests to the owners of this site. Instead follow the links, and request the files themselves be removed from the file hosting site's servers. Learn more about our DMCA Policy by clicking here.

    Anarchy Nation takes no responsibility for what any user encounters when following a link outside this website. This includes (but not limited to) advertisements, pop-ups, embedded adware/malware, suggestion of paid subsriptions, etc. We highly encourage users to have proper firewall, anti-virus and malicious script-blocking software installed on their platforms. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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