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Author Topic: Why should a law--separate religion from politics?  (Read 1103 times)
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« on: August 14, 2016, 10:11:00 AM »


Good answer, except: 4.'Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.'

Sunday is the best day for shellfish, boiling baby goats in their mother's milk and f***ing someone else's wife.

You need read a Bible. No where is Sunday, the first day, the Sabbath.

 Otherwise, very good.

I feel this important, as 4th commandment just as important as rest.  Like: "Thou shall not murder" ?  And, God set aside 7th day (our Saturday) for rest 'way back in Genesis, long before rest of commandments. I feel it is important to obey all laws. If you pick and choose then none have any meaning.

True there were a lot of Sunday laws in US, too, as a British poster pointed out with their trade laws.

(Had to point this out.  If you care, Council of Nicea and Emperor Constantine, made Sunday the: "Sabbath" about 300 AD. Long after Christ's reascension and all original apostles   (the only first-hand witnesses )  were gone.  This was so the third day of Christ's rising was a holy day. Also,  Christmas,  and even Easter, are man-made holidays . Easter is close to His resurrection, but, like Christmas, never celebrated by Him or were we ordered to celebrate it   by Him. Easter even varies i ts date by year as it is after Passover, which for some odd reason, also  has a different date each year. (Possibly, also, so it will fall on a specific date, like a Friday evening? Could you imagine the 4th of July, or Christmas, "varying" its date? No...) And, Christ was born in  July. (Shepherds "tending their sheep" at night? Even in Palestine, a Dec. 25 evening would be too cold. To avoid the rainy season, mid-July is far more practical. Scholars all agree on this.) Easter, the name, is based on a  pagan holiday--the date of Christmas is also on Saturnalia, another pagan holiday.)

If you hit up Yahoo Answers about "Contradictions in Bible"; the "best" answer, voted on, was by an obvious atheist. He declares: "Hundreds of authors of Bible".  Also, gets translations mixed-up. Anyone, atheist, too, can read Bible History, without getting their fingers burnt  Wink, and see: 33 authors, 66 chapters.  And, ancient Hebrew does not translate necessarily even directly to English. Definitions vary by context, some words really don't have an English meaning.
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