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Author Topic: Life: a Purpose or just random happenstance?  (Read 1968 times)
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« on: August 14, 2016, 10:28:44 AM »

 I do not believe a divine plan is mutually exclusive with free will:

" Predestination ", and: "Free Will" are mutually exclusive concepts. There cannot be some "Plan" we are bound by and "Free Will" that permits us to do as we please simultaneously.

One: Poster confuses Predestination (Fate) With a Divine Plan. His bad.

Two:  God gives us a plan, and our free will to choose it or not.  Starting with Adam and Eve, we see His plan (Paradise) and what happens to those who deliberately stray (banned from Eden). Just one example.

Three: "Raped Babies" is not His plan, no argument there. The reason evil exists is Man's Bad, his straying from the Plan. God does not punish, especially the innocent. (See Book of Job, Satan brought down the sufferings, not God.)

The thing about faith is: you can't put God under a microscope. The more science examines nature, the more a plan is seen.

Evolution can't be, as no missing links exist. There would have to be millions of variations between ape and man, skeletons of: " missing links" everywhere, or  evidence of  variations of simple eye to  even a frog eye , to support evolution.    I have a book full of scientific references to counter evolution-- Dr. Leaky admits to fraud and  even Darwin  decided his evolution was wrong in his last days. Just two  bits of  proof of His Plan.
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